July 16, 2018


The internet has provided the modern-day population free (or low-cost) and simple access to more information, services and resources than even the most fortunate individuals in previous generations.  Among those easily accessible resources is an immense inventory of online courses, video tutorials, forum boards and many other educational resources. This material is generated from all corners of the globe, from experts and novices alike, and across almost every domain imaginable.  This has given us the ability to seek out high-quality training to learn practically any skill or practice from the convenience of our home and on our own schedules.

A side-effect of online learning is that individuals are often left pursing their goal on their own.   Although many individuals are great self-learners and are able to stay on track without classroom structure or peer influence, humans are social beings and proliferation through social interaction is one of the best ways that we learn.  Competing priorities, depleting interest, or a huge variety of other factors often stand in the way of learners completing their casual learning endeavors. LearnTogether’s goal is to offer a platform for individuals seeking to learn anything from origami to astrophysics to leverage CoPs with similarly motivated peers to enhance their learning efforts.